Fifty Years of Japan ODA a Critical Review for ODA Reform

The Reality of Aid Project  Download this chapter
      • Foreword
Part I - 50 yrs of Japan ODA  Download this chapter
      • PARC Position Paper
      • Nagase Riei, PARC
      • Inoue Reiko, PARC
      • Takahashi Kiyotahe, Japan ODA Reform Network
      • Nagase Riei, PARC
      • Watanabe Tatsuya, JANIC
Part II - Recipient Country Reports  Download this chapter
      • Sri Lanka
      • Philippines
      • Pakistan
      • Nepal
      • India
      • Cambodia
      • Bangladesh
Part III - Towards Japan ODA Reform  Download this chapter
    • Statement (Make Japan ODA Worthy of Public Trust and Support)
    • Review on Japanese ODA Needed
    • Japan ODA Charter (revised)
    • Japan ODA Charter
    • Manifesto (Preamble to Japan's Constitution)