ROA Global eNewsletter (January-June 2016)

ROA Global e-Newsletter
Contents: Global Updates
  • • Reality of Aid Network holds Strategic Planning Workshop for 2016-2020
  • • Reality of Aid holds Workshop on Measuring Effective SSDC, releases new publication
  • • AP CSOs call for CSO Enabling Environment in Regional Forums on Sustainable Development
  • • CSOs demand accountability, lament tokenistic space in the FfD regional dialogue
  • • ROA AP joins Workshop on Planning and Budgeting for Results: Leveraging Resources to Deliver Impact
  • • Updates on CSO Participation in the Second Monitoring Round
  • • ROA Africa holds Capacity Strengthening Workshop on Development Effectiveness for Central Africa
  • • Enabling Environment Country Report: Shrinking Civic Space in Zimbabwe
Latin America and the Caribbean
  • • Meeting with the International Cooperation General DIrector of the Argentinian Chancellery
  • • Seminar on Integration and South-South Cooperation in Latin America
  • • Revista AOED ALC- ALAI: ¿Qué cooperación para qué desarrollo? América Latina en Movimiento, No. 515, Julio 2016
Non-European OECD
  • • Book: Rethinking Canadian Aid, Second Edition
  • • Tremendous success of CCIC Women Leaders' Forum!
European OECD
  • • Will reporting rule changes agreed by OECD committee undermine the credibility of aid?

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