RoA Global eNewsletter (April-September 2017)

Global Updates
  • DAC-CSO Reference Group holds strategy meeting amidst ongoing reform processes
  • Reality of Aid Network holds 2017 Global Assembly in Paris, France
  • RoA Asia-Pacific discusses militarization of aid in new Reality Check issue
  • RoA Asia-Pacific launches the 2016 RoA Report alongside ADB 50th anniversary in Yokohama
  • RoA Africa participates in the Inclusive Partnerships Multistakeholder Validation/Workshop in Cameroon
Latin America and the Caribbean
  • On Debt: How are we in Latin America?
  • “Financial globalization does not show a responsibility for the next generations”
European OECD
  • Can official development assistance be reformed to help the poorest countries?
  • Unravelling Tied Aid: Why aid must never be tied to donor country companies at the expense of women and men living in poverty
Non-European OECD
  • CCIC Analyzes Canada’s FIAP
  • When it comes to aid, Canada is back – far back
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