Reality of Aid 2018 Report International Launch

The Reality of Aid Network is pleased to announce that the full version of the ROA Report 2018 is out and will have its international launch on 16th January 2019 during the OECD Private Sector Week in Paris, France.

The ROA Report 2018 looks into the recent changes in the course and prospect of international aid in the context of Agenda 2030, as well as the persistence of poverty and growing inequalities within and between countries. During the launch, we will present our case studies as proof that aid resources are unfortunately and woefully insufficient and misdirected. We will also, of course, present our recommendations for transforming the aid regime towards one based on solidarity, human rights, feminist principles, and addressing the root causes of poverty and inequality.

Please do download your copy, share as widely as possible, use in your advocacy work, and hopefully, also sponsor a launch in your respective countries/regions!

Our most heartfelt thanks to all our contributing authors, editors, layout artist for all the hard work in coming up with this report, to the OECD-DAC for helping us organize the launch, and to you for sharing and using the report in your work!