About the Country Outreach Program

The IBON/Reality of Aid country outreach program for the broad implementation of the Accra Agenda for Action (AAA) seeks to achieve greater and more meaningful involvement of civil society organisations (CSOs) in bringing change in aid effectiveness policy and practice. The strategy towards this is capacity development of CSOs in order for them to initiate policy dialogue spaces that allow for broader and inclusive participation of various kinds of CSOs at country and local level. These efforts are expected to contribute to changes in policy along a development effectiveness approach.

Country outreach work will be based on the country-level plans of CSOs who are involved in aid effectiveness and development effectiveness advocacy. A broad range of CSOs will be encouraged to participate and work together to engage their respective governments, parliaments and development partners in the implementation and monitoring of AAA implementation.

IBON International and RoA are the partner agencies of BetterAid in this programme.  IBON International is implementing the outreach through the RoA network.


Achieve a greater and more meaningful involvement of civil society organisations in bringing change in aid effectiveness policy and practice.

A Short History:

In the High Level Forum III (HLF3) in Accra, the efforts of the CSOs were strengthened by the work of the International Steering Group (ISG) of the Accra CSO Forum on Aid Effectiveness, whose members – individually or in coordination – initiated various consultations, seminars, researches and other activities in promotion of CSO positions on aid and development effectiveness partly as preparation to Accra. There were also national and regional CSO workshops and multi-stakeholder consultations on the theme of CSOs and aid effectiveness implemented by Reality of Aid (RoA) for the Advisory Group.

Post-Accra, RoA has continued these initiatives and is presently implementing the “Country Outreach Program for Broad Implementation of the AAA:  from aid effectiveness to development effectiveness”.  Aiming to contribute to catalyzing country level implementation of the AAA through CSO capacity building, multi-stakeholder dialogue and promotion of good practices, the project includes capacity building of national CSOs to engage local AAA implementation and the conduct of case studies/researches documenting CSO involvement in aid policy reforms.  These processes are expected to contribute towards strengthening the civil society voice in the High Level Forum IV in 2011.

Implementing Country Outreach Work

Capacity development support extended by IBON/RoA to country CSOs comes in different forms, depending on the socio-political and economical context of the country, and the specific capacity and needs of CSOs. While in many cases CORT facilitates workshops and consultations to engage with CSOs, this is not its exclusive activity. The Country Outreach involves CSOs on many different levels, utilizing a variety of tools ranging from the provision of a toolkit, case stories, the sharing of experiences, delivering technical assistance and advice, to simply representing a focal point for all sort of questions facilitated by a continuous stream of communication with the country outreach officers.