The Paris Declaration: Towards Enhanced Aid Effectiveness?

About the issue

This Reality Check provides an overview of the Paris Declaration and highlights donor commitments that purport to improve aid effectiveness. The papers present critiques to the Declaration and pose challenges to donor countries, local and national governments as well as civil society organizations working towards aid effectiveness.


  • Post-Tsunami Issues and Challenges
  • Role of Aid in Post-Tsunami Sri Lanka
  • Statement of Sri Lankan civil society organizations on the occasion of the donor forum on 16-17 May 2005
  • Debt cancellation for Post-Tsunami Indonesia
  • Questioning Australia’s Generosity


This Reality Check was made possible with the valuable contributions from Brian Tomlinson from the CanadianCouncil for International Cooperation (Canada), Antonio Tujan, Chairperson of the Reality of Aid Network, and L. Muthoni Wanyeki from FEMNET (Kenya). Gratitude must also be extended to Giorgiana Rosa (BOND), the Reality of Aid International Management Committee and Secretariat for their support.

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