Aid and Development Effectiveness: Towards Human Rights, Social Justice and Democracy

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  • Acknowledgments
  • Preface

PART 1: Report Download this chapter

  • Political Overview: Towards Development Effectiveness
    The Reality of Aid Management Committee

Chapter 1: Human Rights, Justice, Gender Equality and Sustainability Download this chapter

  • Introduction
  • Rights In Sight: Bringing Practical Meaning to Human Rights-Based Development in Australia
    Sarah Winter, Australian Council for International Development
  • Challenges in EU-Latin America Development Cooperation
    Alberto Croce, Foundation SES ? Argentina Latin American Network on Debt, Development and Human Rights
  • Women's Rights and Development Effectiveness in Kyrgyzstan
    Nurgul Djanaeva, Forum of Women's NGOs of Kyrgyzstan
  • Australian REDD Aid to Indonesia - Ineffective and Unjust
    James Goodman, Aidwatch and Ellen Roberts, Friends of the Earth Australia
  • Aid in Fiji at a Time of Political Crisis
    Kevin J. Barr, Ecumenical Centre for Research, Education and Advocacy
  • Canada's ODA Accountability Act: Legislating for Canadian ODA to Focus on International Human Rights Standards
    Brian Tomlinson, Canadian Council for International Cooperation

Chapter 2: Participatory Institutions of Democratic Ownership Download this chapter

  • Introduction
  • Development Aid: Is There Space for the Poor to Participate in Zambia?
    William Chilufya, Civil Society for Poverty Reduction
  • Paris In Bogotá: The Aid Effectiveness Agenda and Aid Relations in Colombia
    Rosemary McGee and Irma García Heredia, Asociation Latinoamericana de Organizaciones de Promotion al Desarollo, AC
  • Nicaragua: A Testing Ground for Aid Effectiveness Principles
    Toni Sandell, KEPA, the Service Centre for Development Cooperation
  • Good Governance for Development Effectiveness in India
    Anil K Singh, South Asian Network for Social and Agricultural Development
  • Positioning Environmental Equity at the Heart of Development Effectiveness
    Suranjan Kudithuwakku, Green Movement of Sri Lanka
  • Environmental and Social Impact of the San Roque Dam
    Arnold Padilla, IBON Foundation

Chapter 3: Aid Architecture in Support of Development Effectiveness Download this chapter

  • Introduction
  • The Potential Roles of African Union Mechanisms in Aid Accountability and Effectiveness
    Akongbowa Bramwell Amadasun, African Forum and Network on Debt and Development
  • The Reality of Aid Partnerships in Africa
    Edward Ssenyange, Uganda Debt Network
  • Development Effectiveness? EU Donor Division of Labour and Gender Equality in Southern Countries
    Lois Woestman, Women in Development Europe Network
  • Reforming Public Procurement Systems for Development Effectiveness
    Bodo Ellmers, European Network on Debt and Development

Chapter 4: Global Aid Trends and OECD Reports Download this chapter

  • Crisis Management: An Analysis of Global Aid Trends
    Brian Tomlinson, Reality of Aid Network Management Committee
  • Australia
    Meeting Commitments in Uncertain Times: The New Government's Approach to Aid
    Australian Council for International Development
  • Belgium
    Wait and See: Initial Commitments to be Implemented?
    Ineke Adriaens, 11.11.11 ? Coalition of the Flemish North-South Movement
  • Canada
    Declining Aid Performance as Government Freezes ODA
    Brian Tomlinson, Canadian Council for International Cooperation
  • Denmark
    Diminishing Danish Aid?
    Laust Leth Gregersen, CONCORD-Danmark
  • European Commission
    Towards European Commission Development Effectiveness and Policy Coherence
    Louisa Vogiazides with Visa Tuominen and Hélène Debbari, Eurostep
  • Finland
    Finnish Development Cooperation: A Shift Towards More Donor-Driven Aid?
    Miia Toikka, KEPA
  • France
    France Failing to Meet Commitments
    Katia Herrgott, Coordination Sud
  • Germany
    German Aid: Off-Target
    Klaus Schilder, Terre des Hommes-Germany
    Birgit Dederichs-Bain, Welthungerhilfe
  • Ireland
    New Effectiveness Policies, Less Aid to Spend
    Olive Towey, Concern Worldwide
  • Italy
    The Italian Paradox: New Aid Strategies, But Decreasing Public Investment
    Iacopo Viciani, ActionAid
  • Japan
    Japanese Aid: In Transition After a Long Decline
    Hayashi Akihito, Japan NGO Network for International Cooperation
  • Korea
    Korea Joins the Big League with a Donor-centric Approach
    Lee Tae Joo, ODA WATCH-Korea
  • Netherlands
    Dutch Aid: Risk of Cuts and Lower Priority to Health
    Esmé Berkhout and Sasja Bökkerink, Oxfam Novib
  • New Zealand
    The Reality of Aid in New Zealand, 2010
    Pedram Pirnia, New Zealand Council for International Development
  • Spain
    In the Champions League?: Spain and the Challenges of More Efficient Aid
    Deborah Itriago and Irene Milleiro, Intermón Oxfam
  • Sweden
    Sweden: A High Performer with Worrying Indications
    Peter Sörbom, for Diakonia and Forum Syd
  • Switzerland
    Increasing Swiss ODA: Yes, We Can't
    Michèle Laubscher, Alliance Sud - Swiss Alliance of Development Organisations
  • United Kingdom
    Trends and Challenges for UK Aid
    Gideon Rabowitz, UK Aid Network
  • United States of America
    The Reality and Uncertainties of US Foreign Assistance Reform
    Kimberly Darter, InterAction

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