Aid and the Private Sector: Catalysing Poverty Reduction and Development?


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  • Acknowledgement
  • Preface

Part 1: ReportsDownload this chapter

  • Political Overview: Aid and the Private Sector: A Catalyst for Poverty Reduction? The Reality of Aid International Coordinating Committee

Chapter 1: Public Development and the Private SectorDownload this chapter

  • Investing in the "business" of development - Donor approaches to engaging the private sector
    Shannon Kindornay, The North-South Institute and Fraser Reilly - King, Canadian Council for International Co-operation
  • Private profit for public good? Can investing in private companies deliver for the poor?
    Joroen Kwakkenbos, EURODAD
  • Aid for the Latin America Investment Facility: Clarity on private sector and focus towards
    SMEs neededToni Sandell, APRODEV and Gustavo Hernandez, ALOP

Chapter 2: Frameworks to Enable Positive Development
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  • Development Assistance and Private Sector in Mexico
    Laura Becerra Pozos and Oscar Pineda Tellez, Deca Equipo Pueblo/ALOP
  • Australia's Mining for Development Initiative: Blurring the Boundaries Between Private Profit and Public Development
    Claire Parlift, Gareth Bryant and Liz Barrett, AID/WATCH
  • Private Sector in Development: The invisible return of the invisible hand
    Jan Dereymaeker, International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in Peru: An analysis from Non Government Organizations
    Eduardo Toche, Centro de Estudios y Promocion del Desarrollo - DESCO

Chapter 3: Appraising Development ResultsDownload this chapter

  • What's in it for development? Assessing the Belgian Investment Company for Developing Countries' (BIO) Development Outcomes
    Jan Van de Poel, 11.11.11 - Coalition of Flemish North South Movement
  • Mass Transport and Development in the Philippines: Privatizing the rail transit system
    Goldie Liza L. Tanglao, IBON International
  • Private Sector in Development: Infrastructure challenges and opportunities for Africa
    Fanwell Kenala Bokosi, PhD and Tauri Chiraerae, African Forum and Network on Debt and Development
  • Does private sector focus on real development in Bangladesh?
    Ahmed Swapan Mahmud and Farjana Akter, VOICE

Chapter 4: Global Aid Trends, BRICS Reports and OECD ReportsDownload this chapter

  • Global Aid Trends: A Growing Donor Private Sector Orientation in Multistakeholder Aid Architecture
    Brian Tomlinson, AidWatch Canada
  • BRICS Reports Brazil
    Emerging Brazilian cooperation: Reflection on its parameters and public-private bounderies
    Vera Masagao, Abong (Brazilian NGO Platform), Bianca Suyama, and Luara Lopes, Artculacao, SUL (South-South Cooperation Research and Policy Centre)
  • India
    Aid and the Private Sector: A study in the context of India
    Sagarika Chowdhary, Balendushekhar Mangalmurty and Anil K Singh, South Asian Network for Social and Agricultural Development (SANSAD)45
  • OECD Reports
  • Australia
    Focus on Market-Driven Economic Development Undermines Aid Effectiveness
    Liz Barett and Claire Parfitt, AID/WATCH
  • Belguim
    New Perspective After Two Years of Standstill
    Koen Detavernier, Jan Van de Poel & Garet Ysewyn, 11.11.11 - The Coalition of Flemish North South Movement
  • Canada
    A New Era for Canadian Aid - But is fighting Poverty in the Mix?
    Fraser Reilly-King, Canadian Council for International Co-operation
  • European Commission
    European Union Institutions
    CONCORD AidWatch Europs
  • France
    Implementing consistent policies in the fight against poverty and inequality
    Flore Tixier, Coordination SUD
  • Finland
    Transformation of the Finnish Development Policy: The private turn
    Matti Ylonen, PhD Researcher, World Politics, University of Helsinki
  • Germany
    More private engagement - less poverty reduction?
    Tobias Hauschild, Oxfram Germany, and Jana Rosenboom, German Association of Development NGOs (VENRO)
  • Italy
    The struggle to arrest the decline in the Italian development cooperation
    Damiano Sabuzi and Luca De Fraia, ActionAid Italy
  • Japan
    Japan's Aid: A Real Kizuna?
    Akio Tokayanagi, Policy Advisor< Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation
  • Korea
    Infrastructure-Oriented ODA policy and increasing role of private sector in development cooperation
    YUN Ji Young, ODA Watch and Mihyeon Lee, Peoples Solidarity for Participatory Democracy
  • Luxembourg
    A proud deliverer of development aid with some concerns on policy coherence
    Chris Dahm, Cercle de Cooperation des ONG de developpement
  • The Netherlands
    Development aid and private sector
    Sasja Bokkerink and Steffie Verstappen, Oxfam Novib
  • New Zealand
    Aotearoa New Zealand: Abrupt changes challenges CSOs
    Anna Hamer-Adams & Perdam Pirnia, Council for International Development (CID)
  • Sweden
    Improving transparency, challenges with emphasis on the private sector
    Peter Sorbom, for Diakonia and Forum Syd
  • Switzerland
    Swiss Parliament finally agrees to increase ODA
    Nina Schneider, Alliance Sud - Swiss Alliance of Development Organisations
  • United States of America
    U.S. Foreign Assistance in 2012: Effectiveness, Ownership, and the Private Sector
    William Merrow, InterAction

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