Focus on Conflict, Security and Development world poverty

The Reality of Aid Project Download this chapter

  • Acknowledgements
  • The Reality of Aid Network

Part I: Introduction Download this chapter

  • Introduction
    Antonio Tujan, Jr.
    Chair, Reality of Aid
  • Political Overview
    The Reality of Aid Management Committee

Part II: Africa Download this chapter

  • Youth, Conflict, Security and Development
    Dr. Yakubu Zakaria, Foundation for Grassroots Initiative in Africa
  • A Critique to the Efficacy of Providing AID to Africa’s Peace Security Agenda
    Dr. Martin R. Rupiya, Institute for Security Studies
  • Intra-State Conflict and the Role of Development Aid: The Greater Horn of Africa and the Ivory Coast
    Lee M. Habasonda, Southern African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD)
  • Securitization of Development Aid
    Ayodele Aderinwale, Africa Leadership Forum

Part III: Asia Download this chapter

  • Alternative Priorities
    Dr. Sanaa Abou Chacra, Arab NGO Network for Development
  • Nepal: The Militarization of Foreign Aid
    Gopal Siwakoti “Chintan” and Neeru Shrestha, Nepal Policy Institute
  • Aid and Conflict: The Philippine Case
    Arnold Padilla, IBON Foundation

Part IV: Latin America Download this chapter

  • Security Development Cooperation and Conflict: the Colombian Case
    Mauricio Katz, PNUD
  • United States Security Cooperation Policy in Latin America
    Adam Isacson, Center for International Policy
  • International Cooperation and Security
    Diego Garcia-Sayan, Inter-American Court of Human Rights

Part V: OECD Download this chapter

  • The Link between Arms Sales and Development
    Debbie Hillier , Oxfam-UK
  • US Aid: Through a National Security Lens
    Adrienne Paul Elwell, Interaction
  • Australian Aid: Promoting Insecurity?
    Tim O’Connor, Sharni Chan and Dr. James Goodman, Aidwatch
  • Japan's ODA at a Crossroad: Counter-terrorism or Poverty Eradication?
    Koshida Kiyokazu,Pacific Asia Resource Center
  • Dutch Aid and the Interface of Conflict, Security and Development
    Jan Ruyssenaars and Nicole Metz, Oxfam Novib

Part VI: World Aid and Donor Reports Download this chapter

  • Shifting Trends: ODA, Global Security and the MDGs
    Arnold Padilla, Ibon Foundation and Brian Tomlinson, CCIC
  • Australia
    Garth Luke, ACFID
  • Belgium
    Han Verleyen, 11.11.11, Coalition of the Flemish North South Movement
  • Canada
    Erin Simpson and Brian Tomlinson, Canadian Council for International Cooperation (CCIC)
  • Denmark
    Jesper Heldgaard, freelance journalist, and Lars Anderskouv, Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke
  • EC
    Mikaela Gavas, BOND
  • Finland
    Tytti Nahi & Miia Toikka, KEPA – Service Centre for Development Cooperation
  • France
    Katia Herrgott and Régis Mabilais, Coordination SUD
  • Germany
    Peter Mucke, Terre des hommes, Germany
  • Ireland
    Howard Dalzell, Concern Worldwide
  • Italy
    Marco Zupi / Carlotta Aiello, Centro Studi di Politica Internazionale (CeSPI)
  • Japan
    Tatsuya Watanabe, JANIC
  • Netherlands
    Nicole Metz, Oxfam Novib
  • New Zealand
    Ewan Morris, Council for International Development/ Kaunihera m te Whakapakari Ao Whänui
  • Norway
    Gunnar Garbo, The Norwegian Forum for Environment and Development
  • Portugal
    Luis Mah, OIKOS
  • Spain
    Marta Arias and Irene Milleiro, Intermón Oxfam
  • Sweden
    Jerker Thorsell, Forum Syd, with Lindsey Weber, Life and Peace Institute
  • Switzerland
    Michèle Laubscher, Alliance Sud (formerly Swiss Coalition)
  • UK
    Giorgiana Rosa, BOND (British Overseas NGOs for Development)
  • US
    Dr. Allen Jones and Seth Nickinson, InterAction

Part VII: Reference Section Download this chapter

  • Boxes and Tables
  • Glossary of aid terms
  • Exchange Rates