Rethinking Partnerships in a Post-2015 World: Towards Equitable, Inclusive and Sustainable Development

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  • Preface

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  • Political Overview: A New Global Partnership for Ending Poverty and Inequality                                                                                           The Reality of Aid Network International Coordinating Committee

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OECD Reports

  • Australia
    Economic growth the panacea for poverty Thulsi Narayanasamy and Claire Parfitt, AID/WATCH Australia
  • Belgium
    Qualitative reforms, despite declining aid expenses
    Bart Tierens, Wiske Jult, Thijs Van Laer, Jan van de PoeI, 11.11.11- The Coalition of Flemish North South Movement
  • Canada
    Big changes and challenges, with new partnerships ahead of 2015
    Fraser Reilly-King, Canadian Council for International Co-operation
  • Denmark
    New legal framework in Denmark- and a focus on fighting tax-evasion
    Hannah Brejnholt Tranberg, ActionAid Denmark; Lars Koch, Ibis; Mathias Ljørring and Kira Boe, Global Focus
  • Finland
    Development policy towards 2015: downhill ODA
    Pauliina Saares, Kepa
  • France
    A law,but still no changes in France's international development and solidarity policy
    Gautier Centlivre, Coordination SUD
  • Italy
    Overhauling its development cooperation system in search for a fresh start
    Luca De Fraia, ActionAid Italy
  • Japan
    Japan's Ongoing Revision of the "ODA Charter": CSOs Opposing Securitization of ODA Akio Takayanagi, Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC)
  • The Netherlands
    Development aid and new partnerships
    Youssef Rahman, Oxfam Novib
  • New Zealand
    Aotearoa New Zealand: Public-Private Partnerships and Aid
    Stacey Hitchcock and Adele Broadbent, Council for International Development
  • United Kingdom
    A new vision for development? Amy Dodd, UK Aid Network (UKAN)

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